When I practiced Buddha’s teaching  few years ago, Chin Kung taught his students not to become attached to the words when we try to understand analogies explaining spiritual realities. He taught respect for different religions groups’ practices. Each practice method in each group has its specialty and is suited for different persons. It is like a medical prescription for an individual person and suits the person’s condition at the time. This right concept is really helping me keep my mind open to explore different practices and even learn about other religions. If we can keep our minds open, when the things we  have doubt about things we read or hear, we can hold onto it, think about it and evaluate it. Or even put it aside. The answer will come one day. 

 10 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. (Luke 11:10)

The describtion of spiritual realities in different religions have different analogies. Spiritual battle that we fight may be described as a fight with demons, Satan, or evil,  or might be explained in a scientific way as a function of the power of mind. I like to use either one in different situations as a different medicine for symptoms I face. Leaning about the spiritual world is just like the blind people who touched the elephant. Each describtion in each religion is just like part of the elephant we touch. We never have the whole understanding of the spiritual world. But through understand from different religions, we will have a better picture of it.

So please don’t become attached to how I explain or how I said it. Sometimes one word has different meanings to different people, or even to person it has different meanings in different stages of practice, for example Dharma. If you and me or you and others have different understanding that is ok. In spiritual development (or our relationship with God) everyone is different, since we were created differently. If we try to open our minds to explore the new world, we will see how much we gain in the future when our life starts to change.  “Don’t be attached to the words” is a benefitial idea to me. I hope it will benefit you too.

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