The Glory of God

While I was following Buddhist practice, Praise to Buddha was an abstract concept to me. When practicing the inner life of Christ teachings, ‘Glory to God’ was just a concept to me for quite a period of time. God revealed the meaning to me latter on. When an unclear concept becomes understandable to me through daily reading, meditation, listening to lectures or in a condition…. I consider it as the message revealed from God. God reveals messages to us according to our spiritual state and shows what we personally can understand. The message for everyone might be different. Even as our spirit grows, the message will be different in each stage.   Glory and Praise are the names to represent the sacred characteristics of God. When we say ‘see the Glory of God’ it means we see God’s characteristics in the process of learning about God. ‘To show the Glory of God’ means, we show God’s characteristics in our daily life practice, actions and behavior. For example, when someone is unreasonable to us or says something not nice to us, but we tolerate them and don’t fight back. The action we chose is the way to ‘Glorify God’ and ‘Praise to Buddha. In Buddhist scripture, it says prayer and chanting are ways to ‘Adore the pure land of the Buddha’. Carrying that out through our actions (attitude and behavior) to show God’s Glory will be more acceptable to God, pleasing to God and remembered by God. In Buddha’s terms, it earns more merit. I think you see the meaning of ‘Glory’ ,   ‘adore’ and ‘merit’ by now.


So what is Glory of God?

He is the Healer, The Sufficer, The Helper,

The all-Forgiving, the All-Merciful, O Exalted One

O Faithful One, O Glorious One, O Sovereign,

O Upraiser, O Judge, O Peerless One,

O Eternal One, O single One, O Most Praised One,

O Holy One, O Helping One, O Omniscient,

O Most Wise, O Most Great One, O Clement One,

O Majestic One, O Ordaining One, O Beloved One,

O Cherished One, O Enraptured One, O Mightiest One,

O Sustaining One, O Potent One, O Ruling One,

O Self-Subsisting, O All-Knowing One,

O Spirit, O Light, O Most Manifest One,

O Thou Frequented by all, O Thou Know to all, O Thou Hidden from all,

O Concealed One, O Triumphant One, O Bestowing One,

O Almighty, O Succoring One, O Concealing One,

O Fashioner, O Satisfier, O Uprooter,

O Rising One, O Gathering One, O Exalting One,

O Perfecting One, O Unfettered One, O Bountiful One

O Beneficent One, O Withholding One, O Creating One,

O Most Sublime One, O Beauteous One, O Bounteous One………………


( Bahá’í Prayers    Long Healing Prayer         by  Bahá’u’lláh )